UYH.EDC Finders Keepers


Welcome to Finders Keepers! These scavenger hunts are a new way we are doing giveaways on our website. The giveaway prize is sitting behind a password protected page. All you have to do is figure out the password, add the prize to your cart & checkout with the free shipping code (US only) listed in the prize description. If you figure out the password, act quick! The prize isn't yours until you finish checking out. Thank you for playing, thank you for checking us out... now let's get to it!

For our first Finders Keepers, we are going to have TWO winners. We are giving away TWO of our new UYH.EDC "33" pouches, one in Navy and one in Red. Once you figure out the password, just click the link below and claim your prize! (1 POUCH PER WINNER, if you checkout with both prizes I will cancel your order and new winners will be allowed)



So instead of a clue, I'll give you a book recommendation. Check out "This Is Not a T-Shirt" by Bobby Hundreds.

    finderskeepersI've always loved the way Bobby built & runs his company. So even if you're not a fan of The Hundreds clothing it is still definitely worth a read. Being a small business owner, it's always wild to read about someone being able to run their company exactly how they want. Normally you'd think being successful is the point but it's not just about products & profits. If you're not giving back, fostering a community & helping others when you can then what's the point? Supporting the homies is a lifestyle & no one can do it on their own. Bobby understands this & lays out how he built more than a company in his memoir. Now go pick it up or grab it from the library, that's my recommendation.

    Everything you need to figure out the password is on this page, it should be noticeable. I'll update this page once the prize is claimed. Good luck!