How to Style a Pocket Square


A pocket square is a simple but powerful accessory to upgrade the look of any jacket. Once a symbol of nobility, the square became a popular breast pocket accessory during the 19th century. Today, a pocket square can button up the most formal of looks or add a touch of refinement to a pair of dark denim and a blazer. These are a couple of our favorites.



The Flat Fold, or Presidential or TV Fold, is just that. Fold the pocket square and place neatly in the breast pocket. Simple and elegant, this fold adds a bit of formality to your look. This fold looks great with a white or light colored pocket square.

(UYH Tip: Slip you cell phone inside the folded pocket square and use it to help place it in your pocket. Just slip the wrapped phone into your pocket, slide the phone back out and tidy up the edges



The Puff Fold is a great fold for pocket squares with patterns and texture. Start by holding the center of the square and gathering the hanging corners. Fold a few inches of the corners up and place into your breast pocket up so the center (puff) is sticking out. Clean up and arrange the puff to your liking.



The Dunaway Fold is where you can really show off. Just like the Puff Fold, hold the center of the square and gather the hanging corners with the other hand. Now twist the hanging square near the middle and fold in half. Place into your breast pocket with the corners sticking out and the "puff" behind them. Arrange and tweak the corners to your liking. 


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